This August 30th, our Amsterdam based colleague Bas Ranzijn will participate in the IRONMAN competition in Muskoka, Canada. Satriun Group is one of the sponsors supporting Bas in this 226 km race, which starts by swimming 3.86 km, continues with a biking track of 180.25 km and finishes after a run of 42.2 km.


A long term training strategy and 100% commitment

For the last 5 years Bas has been constantly training and competing in local and international events: “Triathlon is much more than a hobby: it is a way of living. I have embraced this lifestyle because it poses multiple layers of challenges. It requires a long term training strategy and 100% commitment. Nonetheless, physical fitness is not the only crucial element. Mental strength, in form of relentless calm and focus, is equally important since energy needs to be managed responsibly throughout the race. Although intense and with significant risk of injury, the race leaves room for little surprises if one is well prepared. I’m looking forward to competing against participants from all over the world and doing my utmost best.”

For nearly a year Bas has been training for the challenges that lie ahead, knowing that during the race he will be covering a distance equal to travelling from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Düsseldorf, Germany. Working towards and partaking in an event such as IRONMAN shows a drive for excellence and being truly committed to reaching set goals. His iron determination is a source of inspiration for our company and we wish him the best of luck!

Stay tuned as we will update on Bas’s experience at the Muskoka race in Canada. We will shed more light on his motivation to becoming IRONMAN and how he applies the learnings from the competition to his career. Join us in wishing Bas a great race and a wonderful experience!

“Satriun” is derived from the Latin proverb Saevis Tranquillus in Undis: stay calm in the raging waves. We believe that in today’s turbulent markets, a corporation can achieve a competitive edge if it is able to implement and operate a strong, reliable and robust Corporate Performance Management application that provides its Board of Management and other stakeholders with the information based on which they can make evidence-based strategic decisions.

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