Financial management

Satriun Group understands the need for enhanced financial reporting and is able to design and implement solutions that enable corporations to measure and manage all of the consolidated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

Performance Management Framework

Designing a CPM application that meets the needs of the corporation starts with understanding the business landscape in which the corporation operates:

  • What proposition does the corporation offer and through which products and services?
  • What are the key drivers for revenue, operating profit, cash flow and financial capital employed?
  • What transactions flow through the corporation’s financial statements and how are they traceable in the income statement, the cash flow statement and the balance sheet?
  • Which operational units or departments can be held accountable for which parts of the performance management metrics?

Without answers to questions such as these, a CPM application is bound to be misaligned. Satriun Group consultant immerse themselves in the corporation’s business landscape to ensure our proposed solution is spot on.


Corporation-Specific Financial Data Model

Satriun Group integrates income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement into a value-focused data model design allowing for the harmonized and transparent measurement of operating margin, return on capital employed and cash conversion. We safeguard compliance with external reporting standards such as IFRS and US GAAP by ensuring that all the details required are present in the data model. Forward-looking functionalities, focusing on planning the income statement and cash flow statement, are combined with actual reporting functionalities, based on the income statement and balance sheet information as contained in the corporation’s accounting ledgers. The quality of reported data, be it actual data or planning data, is ensured through relevant checks and balances. Currency translation, equity consolidation and intercompany matching functionalities are included to facilitate the fast bottom-up consolidation of financial data from across the corporation. The resulting data model is closely connected to Integrated Reporting principles.


CPM Solutions Evaluation & Selection

With a perfect understanding of the corporation business landscape and a complete design of the specific financial data model, Satriun Group is in an ideal position to help corporations – in an unbiased way – evaluate and select the appropriate CPM suite matching their needs. We cover all selection tasks: Request for Information or Request for Proposal documents, definition of a scoring model, setup of software demonstration workshops and selection documentation.

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