Technology Partners

Our partners are amongst the leaders in the Corporate Performance Management software industry. We carefully select the technologies we work with according to their completeness of vision and ability to execute: SAP, Tagetik, Oracle, Anaplan, OneStream, CXO-Cockpit.

Satriun Group, a SAP Value Added Reseller (VAR), has designed and successfully implemented numerous SAP Corporate Performance Management solutions in Europe and beyond. Satriun Group employs one of the most experienced teams on SAP Corporate Performance Management covering the entire portfolio of products:

Satriun Group provides industry-specific expertise for Banks and Insurance companies, especially covering regulatory reporting needs such as FinRep, CoRep and Solvency II. Satriun Group consultants possess expert knowledge of SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solutions for IFRS (SAP Financial Close and Disclosure Management rapid-deployment solution) and Solvency II (SAP Solvency II Regulatory Reporting rapid-deployment solution).

Satriun Group is one of the most experienced Tagetik Corporate Performance Management (CPM) consultants in Europe having designed and implemented some of the most innovative Tagetik CPM platforms. For its dedication and quality of delivery, Satriun Group has won the 2014 “Best Specialist Consulting Partner of the Year”. Satriun Group implements Tagetik CPM for:

Satriun Group, an Oracle Gold Partner, has successfully implemented numerous Oracle Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions in Europe and beyond. Satriun Group trains all consultants involved in Oracle CPM systems implementations and ensures yearly certification of most consultants on the latest versions of the Oracle systems implemented:

Satriun Group implements Oracle’s pre-configured business content covering Solvency II reporting needs for Insurance companies (Oracle Quantitative Management and Reporting for Solvency II) and Triple Bottom Line initiatives for an integrated Economic, Social and Environment reporting (Sustainability Reporting Starter Kit).

Satriun Group is a consulting partner of Anaplan, the planning cloud for Sales, Finance, Operations, and HR. Anaplan built its platform from the ground up to empower users to plan, collaborate, and act—in real time. Anaplan enables users to deploy easy-to-use applications to solve complex planning challenges across their organisation. Satriun Group implements Anaplan solutions in the following fields:

We furthermore develop own pre-configured applications for Anaplan’s AppHub.

Satriun Group is a partner of OneStream Software, the Corporate Performance Management innovator offering one platform for all CPM solutions, thus allowing it to quickly align to the changing needs of businesses. Satriun Group is an expert in designing, implementing and supporting OneStream XF – the Unified Financial Intelligence platform covering the following CPM processes:

One of the unique characteristics of CXO-Cockpit is the integration of Web-Based & Mobile Reporting in a single product. If you create a new dashboard in the CXO-Design Studio, it is instantly available via Web-based interface as well as the Mobile reporting platform. Thanks to its pre-built finance-driven reporting functionality, CXO-Cockpit dramatically shortens the time to publish new dashboards.

Satriun Group and CXO Cockpit partner up to deliver best-in-class dashboarding solutions on both desktop as well as mobile devices. More about CXO’s latest product, CXO Cockpit 5.0 here.