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A New Website!

Satriun is evolving and with evolution comes change. We are proud to unveil the new Satriun brand identity to you!

You may wonder why this rebranding was needed. The answer is: we must move forward. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. It is important to think about our positioning in the market and the representation of the Satriun brand. This allows us to express the uniqueness and added value of Satriun in order to strengthen our proposition. Our brand is the direct link to our customers, prospects and the talents we want to acquire. This new branding helps us reach a next level and lets us grow.

You may also wonder: no more GROUP in the name? Today everyone calls us Satriun. Our name is known throughout Europe. By rebranding to Satriun and dropping the Group our brand stays very much in line with how people actually refer to us. Saevis Tranquilis In Undis is really the essence of the Satriun name. We want to stay loyal to this simple essence and therefore proceed as SATRIUN.

Our new website allows us to better present our services, proposition and position in the market. With our new look and feel and changes in our tone of voice we address our added value even more and show our unique way of thinking in finance and technology. Our new website represents a more sophisticated design that matches our values. Making SATRIUN ready for the future.

We hope you love it as much as we do. Now it’s now time to take a tour at

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