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When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Would you like to join an elite team of Corporate Performance Management specialists? Do professional challenges bring out the best in you? And do you want to elevate your mastering of CPM practices and technologies in an international and dynamic environment? In that case, Satriun has an offer you can’t refuse.

Senior consultants

Excitement: Satriun consultants feel it flowing through their veins every day. We are a consulting boutique who work for some of the biggest multinationals. That means that the challenges you will be facing when working for us will be bigger than you’ve ever seen before. At Satriun, experienced professionals like yourself are surrounded by other experts who can genuinely help CFOs and their teams get ahead of the game. Do you reckon you’re the bee’s knees where CPM is concerned? We’ll get the grey matter working even harder and we can offer you a spot on our renowned elite team.

Just graduated?

Satriun is always on the lookout for highly promising, talented individuals. If you are about to graduate or have recently completed your degree programme, we can offer you a place that can get an equally promising career off to a flying start. Managed and coached by absolute experts in the field, you will accumulate a vast wealth of experience in implementing and supporting CPM solutions. If you’re ready to make the most of what you know, this is a gilt-edged opportunity.