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Cash Flow

Satriun can help you get the most out of your organization’s cash flow statement

The vast majority of companies use the indirect cash flow presentation method. This is a mathematical and abstract approach that demands an in-depth understanding of the operating, investing and financing transactions running through the company. Very few consultants will take the step of drilling down to a granular level so that non-cash transactions can be excluded from the cash flow statement. Our experts will, though. We use that knowledge to construct a data model that fully automates the indirect cash flow statement and at the same time provides relevant management information at every level within the organization.

Automating the indirect cash flow statement

To create a data model that fully automates the indirect cash flow statement, we will literally drill down to a level of detail that represents individual journal entries – even for organizations with activities in dozens of countries and with billions of revenues.

Important questions are:

  • What types of transactions are relevant to the company?
  • How are those transactions recorded in the accounting ledgers?
  • Are they recorded at a sufficient level of detail to allow the cash flow statement to be automated?
  • Which are the pain points and from where do they originate?
  • Where is opportunity for improvements and greater efficiency?
  • What processes can be automated?

To get proper answers to these questions, our consultants will drill down into the DNA of the business. Working right from the core, they investigate how information is collected and recorded and how that information can be used for performance analyses. In essence it is about being able to make the link between the origin of the information (the journal entry) and its final destination (the consolidated statements after translation, elimination and consolidation entries). Our consultants oversee these various levels of granularity in order to create an automated cash flow statement for both the individual companies and for the consolidated group.

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