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Consolidate faster and without errors by applying a smarter consolidation setup

The more extensive the organization, the more complex the consolidation. Being able to run a consolidation quickly and without errors is crucial for the management of any group of companies. Satriun has extensive experience in implementing consolidation solutions for organizations with a scope ranging from a few to a thousand legal entities.

100% confidence in your financial data, proven to save 50% of your time

To automate the consolidation process and to really organize it cleverly, we first ensure we fully understand your organization. From there we build an intelligent data model that integrates all reporting requirements. We also review if processes can be simplified and who can be held accountable for what. This allows data to travel more swiftly and without the need for adjustments all the way to the top of the house, leaving the corporate office with more time to analyze results and provide value-added comments on performance.

Consolidation model specifically designed for your organization

The consolidation model that Satriun specifically designs for your organization clearly connects income statement and balance sheet to cash flow statement, providing reliable financial data both at single company and at consolidated level. Equity pickup, currency translation, intercompany elimination and equity consolidation are fully automated so you can spend time analyzing and commenting the results instead of adjusting them.

Top of the league specialists
Our professionals have wide-ranging and demonstrable expertise.

Sophisticated approach
We offer best practices for every issue, based on our own philosophy.

We get the job done!
When others get stuck in the mire, we’re the ones who are brought in to get the job done.

We help your organization achieve its goals

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Satriun’s advice is independent
We have a detailed understanding of the software of our Technology Partners and we have a good, close working relationship with them. Our advice is however independent. We have made a deliberate choice not to sell licences as that could leave us open to other considerations, whereas Satriun is all about looking to see what your organization really needs and being able to provide impartial advice.