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Satriun is CXO software partner

With CXO software you can create performance dashboards in seconds

CXO software adds, with their web and mobile friendly financial reports, a new level of flexabillity to your financial data. In contrast of Excel spreadsheet controlled, static output from generic BI-tools are CXO software dashboards dynamic, interactive and offer relevant financial functionality. Our consultants help you setting up this reporting tool in the most optimal way fitting your needs.

Improved and predictive financial analytics

CXO software speeds up the financial report process. The software offers improved and predictive analytics, data analytics, ready to use templates, reports and sector related best practices, storyboards and controlled analysis.

CXO software is web-based and mobile in one

One of the unique features with CXO software is the integration of web based- and mobile- reporting in one solution. When you create a new dashboard in CXO-Design studio i twill be available through the web-based interface and the mobile reporting platform. With CXO software you are able to create new dashboard in a blink of an eye.

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Satriun’s advice is independent
We have a detailed understanding of the software of our Technology Partners and we have a good, close working relationship with them. Our advice is however independent. We have made a deliberate choice not to sell licences as that could leave us open to other considerations, whereas Satriun is all about looking to see what your organization really needs and being able to provide impartial advice.