Satriun is consulting partner of Anaplan

With Anaplan you can plan and measure performance realtime in the cloud

Anaplan offers the posibillity to support management and analitical processes to help the organisation set strategic goals that match with business operations, reduce risks, measure performance and steer into a new course if targets are not being met.

Userfriendly software

The Anaplan solution has been built from the ground up. Because of this, Anaplan is incredibly fast, easy to setup and very userfriendly.

Always up to date

Anaplan is specificly designed build for the could coming with all the perks the cloud has to offer. The user only pays for the use of the software and doesn’t have to deal with costs of maintaining servers. Also, the software is always up to date.

Richer data with Anaplan

Data can be accessed and edited independent of the platform you are using. Anaplan can be used through multiple different browsers, operating systems and devices whenever and whereever with multiple user at once. Users can add and edit data so I it will lead to a richer and higher quility data stream. This will also lower the administrative actions for the central departments.

Closing the gap between finance and workfloor

The gap between the finance department and the workfloor that exist in many organisation will be made smaller with Anaplan. Operations kan calculate multiple facts and insight, while the ‘business’ uses the expertise of the financial department.

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Satriun’s advice is independent
We have a detailed understanding of the software of our Technology Partners and we have a good, close working relationship with them. Our advice is however independent. We have made a deliberate choice not to sell licences as that could leave us open to other considerations, whereas Satriun is all about looking to see what your organization really needs and being able to provide impartial advice.