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Application Maintenance and Support

Satriun provides professional Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) services – accompanying you after the go-live of your CPM solution with efficient functional and technical support

Do you require professional, fast and efficient support to stabilize your CPM implementation? Do you need assistance in your monthly close or budget cycle on your new CPM platform? Does your IT department require infrastructure support? Or do you simply need to carry on learning about your CPM solution capabilities and internalize that knowledge?

How we provide post-implementation support services

Following a new implementation of a CPM platform or a change in your CPM administration team or simply by decision to outsource your CPM platform maintenance and support, you may require to trust a capable external partner, expert in group accounting and controlling, expert in the CPM technology you use and with a professional support platform in place. Satriun is such a partner.

We generally cover the following functional topics:

  • Analysis of results computed by your CPM solution
  • Assistance on Plans, Budgets, Consolidation production
  • Error messages analysis and consistency checks
  • Knowledge transfer to CPM administrators and end-users
  • Adjustment of calculation rules
  • Assistance to reporting and scorecards creations and modifications
  • Non-regression testing following platform upgrades
  • Generic functional questions

We generally cover the following technical topics:

  • Assistance to understand technical calculations within the application
  • Assistance with Master Data management
  • Assistance with scripts, codes and rules
  • Security management and user access rights
  • Issues with Data Integration
  • Performance of version upgrades (on some CPM technologies)
  • Generic technical questions

With our relevant experience in both functional topics (controlling, IFRS, consolidation, reporting) and technical topics (architecture design and installation, performance management, data integration) we can deliver a value-added service that helps your organization not only in maintaining your CPM platform, but also in internalizing precious knowledge about the CPM technology in use and achieve independence.

We have a dedicated support team and can accommodate various service levels – from high availability and dedicated on-call resources to longer response times or planned improvement windows.

We run a professional helpdesk-style system with tickets, workflow, documentation and transparency in handling and analysing support requests and outcomes.

Top of the league specialists
Our specialists have wide-ranging and demonstrable experience in the commercial sector

Sophisticated approach
We offer best practices for every issue, based on our own philosophy.

We get the job done!
When others get stuck in the mire, we’re the ones who are brought in to get the job done.

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Satriun’s advice is independent
We have a detailed understanding of the software of our Technology Partners and we have a good, close working relationship with them. Our advice is however independent. We have made a deliberate choice not to sell licences as that could leave us open to other considerations, whereas Satriun is all about looking to see what your organization really needs and being able to provide impartial advice.