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Planning & Budgeting

If you have your planning & budgeting process in order, your organization is ready for every challenge.

Which markets and segments provide growth opportunities for you as an organization? And which investments are involved? A solid strategic plan and a balanced budget are of great importance for sustainable growth. A forecast ensures you are constantly provided with an up-to-date outlook into the foreseeable future. Satriun helps you organize these planning and budgeting processes smartly and efficiently. But the picture is bigger…

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According to Satriun, a good data model is able to request results, balance and cash flows across all components of the planning & control cycle, in a way and with a level of detail that fits each component. If you really want to be effective, you cannot work with separate data models and solutions, but the entire planning & control cycle must be recorded in one model. Only then can you really compare and act on time.

The planning & control cycle:

1. Strategic plan

What will you as an organization invest in for the coming years and in which segments do you expect to see growth? The strategic plan provides a glimpse into medium-term financial and non-financial indicators.

2. Budget

Detailed elaboration and assignment of the necessary financial resources to realize the strategic plan.

3. Actuals

Reporting and consolidating current events and analyzing financial and non-financial indicators against the plan.

4. Forecast

Updating the budget with today’s knowledge, often at a more compact level and using drivers. Sometimes focused on the current financial year, sometimes “rolling” in nature. The forecast is generally the starting point of the next strategic plan.

Comprehensive datamodel

To be able to develop a single and comprehensive data model, in-depth knowledge of the four components of the planning & control cycle are required. Strategic plan, budget, current events and forecast all have different dynamics both in terms of target group, in terms of detail and in terms of process. Satriun consultants like to dig into an organization to understand all the requirements. The ultimate goal of an effective data model is to be able to analyze financial and non-financial data in a meaningful way, regardless of where you are within the planning & control cycle.

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