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Five things we learnt from Randstad’s Rob Fenne

Rob Fenne is the person responsible for ensuring Randstad’s financial reporting is reliable and on time – and that includes maintaining and updating their reporting systems. When it was time for Randstad to find a new and improved consolidation system, Rob was fearless in choosing the best tech and the best implementation partner. He chose lesser known brands over the some big names. And several years down the track, Randstad is still reaping the rewards. Here are 5 invaluable insights Rob shared with us on the call…

1. Functionality over familiarity

When choosing the new tech for Randstad’s reporting system, Rob kept a laser sharp focus on the functionality of the software. This led him to choose a lesser-known independent brand over some big players. His savvy approach led to impressive results. The number of days to close went from 10 days to 3 or 4. The new tech’s process cockpit delivered transparency in the closing process like never before. And the greatly improved accuracy of the software meant significant time savings. No more time spent fixing errors!


2. Getting the best out of tech benefits the whole organization

The above benefits mean that Rob’s team now has more time to focus on other value adding work. This has a positive impact on the entire organization. His team are now able to channel more support into operating companies, to continuously improve functionality and ensure the high performance of Randstad’s accounting systems.

3. “Consolidation in itself isn’t too exciting…”

So there it is. Rob said it himself. Even an expert leader like Rob inferred that consolidation doesn’t make his heart pound. Consolidation is something that needs to be done and done well, so that the other more exciting work can be attended to. Another reason to embrace the right tech.

4. Satriun “spoke our language, really understands issues in consolidation”

Choosing the tech is just the first step. It’s how it’s implemented that makes the difference. The people, policies and processes need to understand and embrace the tech for it to fully deliver. The implementation phase is all about people and that means you need a partner that speaks your language. That’s exactly why Rob chose Satriun, “they spoke our language and really understand the issues in consolidation”. Satriun delivered the project on time and within budget, leaving Rob “quite happy”.

5. Alignment and embracing talent at all levels is essential for roadmap success

Tech is moving fast and keeping an eye on the future is essential. Rob talked us through Randstad’s roadmap for the future, “Finance Forward”. He shared two pearls of wisdom for others looking to embark on a similar journey. Rob emphasized the importance of consensus. He invested a lot of time and energy in making sure that all CFO’s of the large operating companies were aligned. He also said that it’s important to make use of talents at all levels of the organization, highlighting the fresh perspectives of young talent.

And on that positive note, our call was done! Our thanks to Rob Fenne for his inspiration and insights.

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