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Groupama Gan Vie

Thanks to the Anaplan implementation by Satriun, Groupama Gan Vie benefits from increased reliability in elaborating its HR budgets and plans. Today, the solution fosters easy collaboration, more reliable data and shorter reporting cycles.

Groupama Gan Vie is the Group’s single life insurance company, which designs, subscribes and manages personal insurance contracts (savings, retirement, health and welfare) marketed by the Group’s five distribution networks (the Regional Banks, Gan Assurances , Gan Patrimoine, Gan Prévoyance and brokerage). It is organized around two business divisions – Individual and Collective – and three functional departments (Human Resources and Internal Communication, Finance and Risks, Customer Marketing and Digital Transformation).

Groupama Gan Vie accounts 3.5 billion EUR in turnover, employs 1’664 employees and is headquartered in Paris, La Défense.


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