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Renewables AG

Swisspower Renewables AG invests and operates onshore wind power and hydropower plants in Central Europe. The company achieves high efficiency in Group Reporting thanks to the CCH Tagetik solution implemented by Satriun.

Key Facts

  • To bring the digitalization of group reporting to a next level, Swisspower Renewables AG decided to replace its spreadsheet-based consolidation and budgeting process by a modern group consolidation, planning & reporting solution
  • Swisspower Renewables AG selected CCH Tagetik as future solution and needed a trusted partner that was able to bring best in class practices for both, its functional consolidation & budgeting requirements and the new software CCH Tagetik


The Solution

  • Design and implementation of CCH Tagetik for consolidation, budgeting and mid-term planning
  • Data integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV via CCH Tagetik ETL
  • Workflow driven and tailored budget, mid-term planning and business planning processes with uniform structures including detailed sub-plans for OPEX and CAPEX next to main financial statements including cash flow
  • The design was leveraging Satriun’s starter kit for CCH Tagetik, providing business content & templates for data model, forms & reports as well as processes, based on best demonstrated practices focusing on CCH Tagetik standard functionality


Key Benefits

  • Fast, robust & accurate reporting and planning processes, designed to be digitalized using the standard functionalities of the new technology
  • Streamlined data model across scenarios with an optimized group chart of accounts, reporting package, automated cash flow statement and decentralized IC reconciliation, as well as simplified reporting & planning processes tailored to the exact needs of Swisspower Renewables AG


Satriun as our implementation partner and CCH Tagetik as our new CPM system provided the optimal fit. Satriun delivers a unique blend of excellent knowledge of both group accounting & controlling as well as CCH Tagetik. Their committed and customer focused approach was a critical success factor to achieve our project objectives on time and in budget.

Diego Kuonen

CFO, Swisspower Renewables AG

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