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Consolidation. Reporting. Budgeting.

Business growth is always a joy, even if it brings new challenges. Join the “Consolidation, reporting and budgeting” Webinar organized by Board & Satriun on October 19th at 11:00 AM CEST to learn more about ways to carry out a successful consolidation of you business, as well as means to centralize your reporting.

The Satriun & Board Starterkit is the result of a one year collaboration and its’ purpose is to help you develop statutory & management accounts and reporting tailored to your business needs. This fast, unified and simple solution will help you achieve productivity, in an all-in-one platform.


Discover the advantages of the Satriun – Board starterkit

Improve financial management, governance, production and disclosure of regulatory reports

All processes and data in a single unified Business Intelligence & EPM solution

Rationalise the Consolidation process

Model a process-oriented environment, based on request control

Provide accurate, complete and qualitative information to the stakeholders

Comprehensive governance of the data & 100% Self-service analysis and reports.

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19.10.2021 11:00

Consolidation. Reporting. Budgeting.

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