Implementing ESG reporting in 20 minutes

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In this 20-minutes webinar Casper van Leeuwen will update you on the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, the steps involved with an implementation including practical examples of how to establish relevant and auditable KPIs, and highlight complexities with the consolidation of certain non-financial data and how to overcome those.

Satriun combines hands-on experience obtained from several sustainability reporting implementations, academic study as members of the Integrated Reporting <IR> Technology Initiative working group, and a proven track record with CPM implementation projects. Satriun’s ESG Implementation Toolbox enables companies to leverage their existing investments in CPM technology for the benefit of ESG reporting. Offering practical building blocks and an extensive library of relevant KPIs for ESG reporting, the toolbox also includes methods to secure data quality as well as to consolidate and harmonize certain non-financial data that otherwise cannot be aggregated. We will also provide insights into our value proposition in this webinar.


What you can expect from this webinar:
  • Why ESG reporting is different from sustainability reporting
  • Why ESG reporting is important to you and to investors
  • What steps are involved with implementing ESG reporting
  • How to embed ESG elements into your planning & control cycle
  • Practical examples of ESG reporting elements
  • Satriun’s value proposition in relation to ESG reporting

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21.12.2021 10:00

Implementing ESG reporting in 20 minutes

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