Satriun Group designed Satriun Lease Management, a complete IFRS 16 solution covering lease contracts, calculations and reporting fully based on SAP Financial Consolidation

Your Challenges

  • You run a SAP Financial Consolidation platform and look for rapidly implementing a group solution for IFRS 16 Leases compliance
  • You look for a complete solution able to manage lease contracts, ensure data coherence, perform IFRS 16-related calculations and reporting
  • You want to minimise acquisition, installation, deployment, training and maintenance of the IFRS 16 solution

Our Solution

  • We have developed Satriun Lease Management a complete IFRS 16 solution that covers lease contracts management, 150 data validation controls, calculations, reporting and integration
  • Our solution installs directly, as a separate database in your existing SAP Financial Consolidation environment
  • The solution connects to your existing SAP Financial Consolidation application to inherit entity structures, chart of account and user security

Your Benefits

  • Leverage your existing investment in and knowledge of SAP Financial Consolidation by implementing a complete IFRS 16 solution within weeks with a one-time acquisition costs, no additional SAP licenses, no maintenance fee, technology already known by your users
  • Full pre-configured IFRS 16 functionality, possibility to integrate additional custom needs and content, optional integration with your ERPs or your existing SAP IFRS consolidation solution
  • The solution perfectly supports simulations necessary for choosing between the retrospective application or the cumulative catch-up methods of applying IFRS 16

Benefits of the IFRS 16 Solution for SAP Financial Consolidation

Full IFRS Compliance

Satriun’s aim was from the very start to develop a complete IFRS 16 solution for recording and maintaining lease contracts, validating the coherence of data, running all IFRS calculations, producing the necessary reporting and integrating the solution with SAP and non-SAP ERPs or existing group IFRS consolidation and reporting tools.

All lease contracts detail necessary under IFRS 16 can be either integrates from data sources or inputted directly in the in the solutions. The solution keeps track of the new, ongoing and terminated contracts. Contracts numbering is managed locally, thus removing the need for any central contract contract number management.

Data quality is an important feature of the solution achieved through the implementation of 150 data validation controls, some blocking, some warning, in order to ensure that data is properly collected and IFRS calculations are processed correctly.

All necessary IFRS calculations are generated by the solution and currency conversion is available for lease contracts in currencies other than the reporting currency. The solution proposes legal-entity-based bookings impacting Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and notes. Bookings can be adapted to be recorded at sub-groups or group levels. All bookings keep a booking date, hence revision of leasing contracts can happen at any frequency. All calculation business rules are auditable.

Before implementing an IFRS 16 tool you must assess the impacts of the standard on your financial statements and communicate to management in order to make an informed decision between retrospective application of cumulative catch-up of the standard. Our solution fully supports the simulations needed for such exercise and evaluation of impacts on your financial statements. It supports as well the calculation of the impacts on your budgets and forecasts.

Reporting has been incorporated into the pre-configured solution i.e. views of amortisations by contract, consolidated IFRS 16 bookings view, lists of Debit / Credit impacts by account. Exports are available for your ERPs or as journals to be imported in your group consolidation application.

Benefits of the IFRS 16 Solution for SAP Financial Consolidation

Integration within your SAP FC Platform

The IFRS 16 solution is a plug-and-play, pre-configured and independent SAP Financial Consolidation database that installs directly within your existing platform, thus avoiding the need of a separate server, infrastructure, licenses, installation and maintenance.

Optionally, master data (legal entities and groups, accounts, user security) can be automatically integrated from the existing SAP Financial Consolidation application to the IFRS 16 database thus avoiding double-maintenance.

Generated IFRS 16 bookings can be integrated to the existing SAP or non-SAP Enterprise Resource Planning systems (through files) or pushed onto the consolidation SAP Financial Consolidation application.

As the IFRS 16 solution leverages a known technology, your internal resources – central platform administrators or end-users – already know how to interact with the it and no particular system trainings are necessary.

Credit to our Partner

Ginini antipode employs close to 100 experts having perfected their skills while with large consultancy and Big4 audit firms or consolidation and controlling departments. Their experts are perfectly skilled to accompany small, medium and large multinationals in Europe and beyond on interim financial management engagements, finance transformation and reengineering projects, group consolidation and reporting support, IFRS advisory and other regulatory support services.

Satriun Group and Ginini antipode have worked in partnership developing Satriun Lease Management for SAP Financial Consolidation. Ginini antipode IFRS experts have been essential in advising on the functional content of the solution and implications of IFRS while Satriun’s SAP experts have developed the technical solution.

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